• Thu, 02 Dec 2021 to Sun, 12 Dec 2021 08:30 PM Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre Theatre

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  • A Christmas Carol


    This performance is rated PG-13. Audience aged 13 and below are not permitted as per Organizers advice.

    Christmas Eve, 2020. Even as the dark clouds of a pandemic loom over a never-ending series of lockdowns, it is still business as usual for the cold-hearted, cynical, and crotchety Ebi Monjungkil. However, he will soon learn, in his quiet Penampang home, over the course of one ghostly Christmas night, an unforgettable lesson on the meaning of redemption and compassion—in this multilingual Malaysian adaptation of a Christmas classic.

    Malam Krismas, 2020. Gelap awan pandemik silih berganti, lockdown buka-tutup tiada terhenti. Ternyata, tiada apa yang boleh melelapkan Ebi Monjungkil yang sinis, hati batu dan kepala angin. Ada hari, ada nasi, perniagaannya tetap diteruskan. Namun begitu, suatu pencahayaan bakal menziarahi tempat tinggalnya di Penampang, yang mengundang semangat Krismas untuk mengajarnya tentang erti penebusan dan belas kasihan. Inilah kisah klasik, ‘A Christmas Carol’, yang diadaptasi ke dalam latar masa dan masyarakat tempatan serta penyesuaian melalui kepelbagaian bahasa di negara kita.

    Charles Dickens’ perennial Christmas classic is given a Malaysian-Sabahan twist in this truly festive production featuring Qahar Aqilah as Ebi Monjungkil – our local incarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge—and Natalie Makulin as literally every other character in the story. This brand-new production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL is helmed by a BOH Cameronian Arts Award-winning creative team led by theatrethreesixty’s artistic director Christopher Ling. 


    “It is time for people to open their hearts, to see everyone equally as people, who live and eventually pass on.” 

    theatrethreesixty presents

    Adapted and performed by Natalie Makulin and Qahar Aqilah
    Based on the novella by Charles Dickens
    Directed by Christopher Ling

    Original Music by Nick Choo
    Soundscape Design by Kirthana Kuhendran
    Lighting Design by Nicxon Tan
    Choreography by Kenny Shim

    Performed in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Bahasa Kadazan with English subtitles

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    Theatrethreesixty Arts