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  • Giselle & Isabella

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    Westby is a boy born in a gardener family who grows daisies,  and daisies have always made him calm and happy.  Aside from that,  he has also been titled The Spelling Bee World Champion since young.  Being a champion clearly comes with a price.  He has been living in anxiety and fear because of the bullying and jealousy of others.  Ever since,  he started talking to himself in front of his mirror.

    One day,  the mirrored Westby responded to him and gave him a mission to save Giselle.

    But who is Giselle?

    When he wonders of this girl Giselle,  the mirror shows him an image of a girl,  Giselle,  plucking the petals of a daisy mumbling to herself  "loves me,  loves me not.."  with a puzzled look,  Westby stares at the mirror and before he could catch his breath,  the mirror pulls him into the mirror and transports him to a new dimension,  the world of Giselle. 

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    Asia Ballet Academy