• Sat, 06 Aug 2022 Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre Exhibition

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  • Kena Sound

    Dive into the world of vinyl with the independent Kena Sound event which celebrates everything to do with the beautiful hobby of record collecting and more. If you want to hang out and make new friends in the vinyl collecting scene, here’s your event, served 33rpm casual with added 45rpm fun. 

    Kena Sound is put together by music collectors for music collectors, so you don't need to be alone when you’re out digging with the music tribe.  

    Here’s how to immerse yourself at Kena Sound: enjoy a series of music chit chat and sharing sessions, record shop pop-ups, indie music vendors, trading posts, turntable open sessions, curated videos and a whole lot more.  

    Browse, sit, watch, listen, dig. Have a drink at the bar. You can do all that at Kena Sound, a 'slow music day' to soak in tunes and vibes. 

    Kena Sound also acknowledges that because music has moved to an almost all digital format, it is important to preserve the culture of vinyl (and also CDs and cassettes. We love and embrace all formats. So additionally the purpose of “a record shop experience” at the event is to spotlight music’s once tangible roots, for a generation that may have never purchased physical goods or held a musical recording in their hands. Yes, young people do join us. 

    For veteran music collectors, it's a chance to network, take home records and participate in the
    “music chit chat” session. Everybody loves a new discovery when it comes to music.
    We know we do, it's infectious.  

    Music collecting is not just about the individual, it’s about the community spirit.  

    For more info on Kena Sound, drop us a line at kenasoundcrew@gmail.com. 

    Look us up: instagram.com/kenasoundcrew/. Facebook: @kenasoundcrew. Whatsapp: 011-3311 5779. 

  • Organizer

    Kena Sound Crew