• Sun, 14 Aug 2022 Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre Workshop

    Free Admission
  • PJ 30 Hour Famine DIY Camp

    The  30-Hour  Famine  is a  global  movement  against  hunger  and  poverty.  Participants  fast  for  30  hours,  learn about global issues and raise funds, transforming hunger into hope.  Our slogan for the year is  “ Future Starts with  You (th) ! ”  We  want  to  encourage  the  continued brave  and  powerful  voices  of  young  people  to fight hunger and poverty,  and create a better future together!

    Recent years have been marked by various global crises : COVID-19,  heightened global conflict and climate change.  This deadly cocktail of conditions threaten to undo decades of success in development efforts.  In particular,  climate change has exacerbated hunger and poverty.  By 2030,  more than 100 million additional people could be pushed into extreme poverty due to climate change. 

    With that,  the 30-Hour Famine 2022 will focus on climate change and its impacts on hunger and poverty.

    Kindly register here to join us! (Registration open until 27th July)


  • Organizer

    Cheow Ian Hern